NGK STK 2412 - Bougies d'allumage utilisables

Bougies d’allumages alternatives pour la NGK STK 2412:

Brand Model
Autolite 4252
Autolite 52
Autolite 62
Beru 14-4DPO
Beru 14-5D
Beru 14-5D1
Beru 14-5DP1
Beru 14-5DU
Beru 14-5DUO
Beru 225/14/3A
Beru 230/14/3A
Beru 235/14/3P
Beru D230/14/3A
Beru Z 103
Beru Z 42
Beru Z 43
Brisk L14YC
Champion N279YC
Champion N65Y
Champion N7Y
Champion N7YC
Champion N7YCC
Champion N7YCX
Champion OE010
Champion OE046
Citroen MKP00073
Citroen ZCT000012
Denso 3085
Denso W22EP
Denso W22EP-U
Enker FE85CP
Eyquem 850LS
Eyquem C72LS
Eyquem C82LS
Honda 98079-57811
Honda 98079-57841
Iskra FE85PS
Isolator FM14-225/2
Kawasaki E92070-1026
Lodge 25HLNY
Lodge 2HLNY
Lodge 3HLNY
Magneti Marelli CW89LP
Magneti Marelli CW8LP
Magneti Marelli CW8LPS
Magneti Marelli F8LC
Marchal Valeo 64H
Marchal Valeo 6H
Marchal Valeo GT34H
Mazda 0745 18 110
Mercedes 002 159 18 03
Mercedes 002 159 27 03
Mercedes 003 159 14 03
Mercedes 003 159 56 03
Mitsubishi MS 851 024
Mitsubishi MS 851 184
Motorcraft AG12
Motorcraft AG12C
Motorcraft AG12CU
Nissan W8917
PAL (Brisk) 14L-9Y
PAL (Brisk) L14YC
PAL (Brisk) L9Y
Peugeot 5962.94
Peugeot 5962.98
Peugeot 5962.A1
Peugeot 5962.AO
Peugeot 5962.G8
Renault 77 00 737 459
Renault 77 00 861 471
Renault 77 01 366 087
Renault 77 01 366 268
Subaru 22401AA090
Suzuki 09482-00139
Suzuki 09482-00385
Unipart GSP181
Yamaha 94701 00117

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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